Palm Sander hire

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An example of a palm sander we would hire:-

The Makita BO4556 a new design of easy-grip body shape makes the new Makita BO4556 finishing palm sander a pleasure to use, the new slimline body smaller for more comfortable handgrip.

The new Makita BO4556 slimline palm sander is a 200watt machine that generates up to 14,000 orbits per minute with a 1.5mm eccentric orbit for very fine finishing.

With abrasive mounting pad measures 112mm x 102mm which enables a 114mm x 102mm A 114mm x 140mm sheet can be fitted by clamp fixing.

Further operator comfort is afforded by the soft-start system which allows time for the motor to speed up to maximum revs without the torque kickback. This new Makita palm sander provides versatility, high performance and total operator safety.

Abrasive Sheet : 114 x 140 mm.
Orbit Diameter : 1.5 mm.
Orbits per Minute : 14,000 opm.
Pad Size : 112 x 102 mm.
Vibration sanding : 2.5 m/sec².
Vibration K factor : 1.5 m/sec².
Input wattage : 200w.
Noise sound pressure : 80 dB(A).
Noise K factor : 3 dB(A).
Net weight : 1.1 kg.