Heavy breaker hire

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An example of a Heavy Breaker we would hire:-

The Makita HM1810 electric breaker has the following features ;

– 1.1/4in AF hex shank.
– AVT – the unique Makita AVT Anti Vibration Technology design employing the pneumatic pressure created in the drill’s hammer piston chamber to move a counter balance in the opposite direction to reduce the impact vibrations at the steel point. This dramatically reduces vibration.
– Sound power level of 107dB, complies with Outdoor Noise Directive effective 2006.
– Breakthrough technology which enables high impact power to be coupled with an exceptionally low vibration of 9.5m/sec2.
– Double insulated.

Technical specifications :

Drive shank Hex : 1.1/4 in AF Hex.
Blows per minute : 1,100 bpm.
Joules : 44.9 Joules.
Vibration chiselling : 9 m/sec².
Vibration K factor : 1.5 m/sec².
Input wattage : 240v – 1,900 watt. 110v – 1,700 watt.
Noise sound power : 104 dB(A).
Noise sound pressure : 84 dB(A).
Noise K factor : 2.52 dB(A).
Weight: 32.3 kg.