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Its modern styling and sleek design make this unit ideal for creating a pleasant working environment in Offices, Computer Rooms And Conference Rooms. The 9000 Btu Air Conditioner is from a range of indoor air conditioning units that have an auto-condensing facility which allows them to exhaust most of the water vapour out through the exhaust hose.

There is a small water tray that will need emptying depending on the relative humidity of the environment it is being used in.  Once the water tray is full the air conditioner system will automatic switch its self off, simply empty the water tray for the air conditioner to continue producing cold air.

These are fully portable air conditioning units, and make for very efficient domestic air conditioning units, and are particularly useful in a bedroom thanks to it’s low noise level.

  • Cooling capacity =  9000BTU/hr. 230 Volt
  • Humidity removal = 18 Litres/Day.
  • Water tank capacity = 2.5 Litres.
  • 50Hz single phase input
  • Power consumption = 1kW/4.6A.
  • Digital controls
  • Rotary compressor, timer and thermostat